Hello there!

My name is Benedicte Raae and I am a freelance web developer living in Oslo, Norway.

I code apps and websites.

Currently, I use Ionic 2, Angular2 and Metalsmith as my main tools. But I would love to tackle any projects taking the JAMStack approach.

You can find me on Github, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

After completing my MSc in Computer Sciene in 2009 I have done all kinds of projects in and around the web space. In many of the projects, I have been responsible for both concept and execution in addition to marketing.

My New Years's resolution for 2017 is to get a developer blog going. Any day now there will be movement over in the blog section.

bGraphic.no has been my home on the Interwebz since 2006. It is a tribute to my childhood's dream to be a graphic designer.